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Modern Magnetic Key Holder - Selenite - Side View | Wayne Works
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Modern Magnetic Key Hanger - Selenite


Hang your keys in style with this modern key holder, which uses 3 rare earth magnets to "magically" hold your keys aloft. Embedded 0.075" under the surface of the wood, they work very well with ferrous steel key rings (not stainless!). 

To see if your key rings will work with this hanger, test them by seeing if they'll cling to a refrigerator magnet. These magnets are rated for up to 28 lbs, so if your key ring is the right material and good quality, they will hold quite a bit of weight!

Each piece is 8" wide and 5" tall, and features 10-degree bevel cuts on the edge to create a floating effect, as well an engraved design reminiscent of Selenite crystal. 

These hangers are made of walnut and finished in a satin Danish oil. Remember that each piece will show the unique grain and coloration of the natural wood. Two keyhole hangers 6" apart on the back make these pieces simple to hang. 

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