In addition to creating goods to sell on our site, we often make unique  for customers, or sometimes just because. These are some of our favorites. Enjoy!

Salvage Collection

outdoor furniture custom dallas handmade

Salvage 001 Table

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Mercedes Pendant and Table Lighting


Kit and Ace Large Pendant

Kit and Ace Twin Pendants


The Martel Table

The Martel Table


The Martel Table is one of our most flexible and timeless designs. You can choose between different finishes, sizes and wood types to create a table that's industrial, rustic or modern, depending on your preference.

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The Matilda Slim Table

The Matilda Table

Meet the Matilda Slim, another of our most versatile designs. We can make the Matilda with a variety of wood surfaces and metal finishes, and can even add a lower shelf to the steel supports at the base. 

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