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Renaissance Hotel Navigator Desk

This fully functional desk was designed and fabricated in house at Wayne Works specially for the Renaissance Hotel in Dallas. Constructed to represent a map of the city, it features a solid walnut mosaic front fascia that patterns radially from the star marking the hotel's location. The silver gaps, backlit by UL LED strips, delineate Dallas' major roads, while blue acrylic forms the Trinty River Basin and White Rock Lake. 


Dallas map custom desk furniture wayne works

Salvage Collection

Salvage 001 Table

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Mercedes Pendant and Table Lighting

The Martel Table

The Martel Table

The Martel Table is one of our most flexible and timeless designs. You can choose between different finishes, sizes and wood types to create a table that's industrial, rustic or modern, depending on your preference.

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The Matilda Slim Table

The Matilda Table

Meet the Matilda Slim, another of our most versatile designs. We can make the Matilda with a variety of wood surfaces and metal finishes, and can even add a lower shelf to the steel supports at the base. 

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Gameroom Corner Bar

80" by 40" L bar with custom corbels in satin Evo Grey powdercoat.  14" deep with metal edging.


"Jack" Coffee Tables

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Selenite 001: segmented table/bench top with LED-lit base


The Selenite 001 features a birdseye maple segmented top, with a handmade transparent sugar maple powdercoated lattice interlocking the wood underneath. The base is made of sectioned steel and polished acrylic, with wireless LED lighting illuminating each acrylic section. 

This bench or table measures 32"L, 14.75"D, and 16"H, and is for sale. 

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The Helix Bench

The Helix Bench
Balinese mahogany wood (that we picked ourselves) sits atop a tubular steel powdercoated frame, offset by 30 rungs of brushed aluminum rods finished with transparent copper powdercoat. This bench debuted and sold at the Conception Art Show in Dallas at South Fork Ranch in 2015. 

HGTV Open Concept with Shanty 2 Chic 

HGTV Open Concept Coffee Table

HGTV Open Concept Pantry Hardware

HGTV Open Concept Barn Door

Working with the Shanty 2 Chic sisters on an HGTV project, we fabricated the coffee table base (which is a Matilda Slim, in fact), created sliding barn doors for the pantry and built a farmhouse door that led into a game room.

Hexahedra Console Table

The beautiful mahogany tabletop on the Hexahedra console table was personally handpicked by Tyler on a trip through Bali, and is supported by a multi-piece hexagonal base. The base pieces have each been powdercoated, with the transparent hexagons centered in between cream powdercoated hexagons. 

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Kit and Ace Pendants

Kit and Ace Large Pendant

Kit and Ace Twin Pendants

For clothing brand Kit and Ace's new Dallas store on Henderson Avenue, we created three custom, geometric lighting fixtures: two twin 18" Icosahedron pendants, and a large 36" Icosahedron. Both pendants feature copper hardware, and the large pendant has a cuboctahedron solid maple centerpiece, on which 6 frosted globes are mounted.


Bowling Alley Dining Set

This industrial, 7-foot-long bench-and-table dining set has a surface of hard maple, accented with walnut arrows. 

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